Is knitting a form of mindfulness?

Is knitting a form of mindfulness

Form of mindfulness: Over the last few years, colouring books for adults have become incredibly popular. Not only do these help you rediscover the fun of colouring in, but concentrating on colours and shapes helps you clear your mind of chattering, persistent thoughts.

I was recently asked what I thought about knitting as a mindful activity. Over the past few months, knitting has been promoted as a form of mindfulness – something that will help you unwind but also give you something to show for your time. In some ways, this is absolutely true. Knitting, and any form of craft-making, can certainly help you to de-stress – unless you realise you dropped a stitch several rows back!

If you enjoy knitting, then of course it is a relaxing activity. If you don’t, it may feel like a chore – or something you ought to be doing to be more mindful. While I certainly recommend any activity that helps you relax, there is not any specific one you have to do in addition to the mindfulness exercises in our course.

Knit away if you fancy it, but don’t feel obliged to do this, or any other craft, if it is not for you. The most important mindful activity everyone should practice is their breathing exercises. With mindfulness it always comes back to the breath. Paying attention to your breathing is the quickest and easiest way to calm your thoughts and regain your equilibrium – which is what we all want and need. But of course, a new scarf is lovely too!