Mindfulness course

Welcome to the Inspired Living Mindfulness Course


  1. This Mindfulness course is broken into 8 lessons, each of which contains a number of topics.
  2. Lessons are designed to be completed over a seven day period –  it may take you more or less time depending on your pace and that’s okay.
  3. Each topic has a number of mindfulness exercises, reminders or assignments. We will give you clear instructions to follow for each exercise or assignment.
  4. On each page, you will find a button called ‘Take Notes’. Use this to record the answers to any questions we ask you about the exercises or assignments.
  5. We have mindfulness experts available every fortnight to guide you. We will post information about these webinars on the website. Do let us know if you are having any difficulties being mindful. Remember we are here to help you.
  6. Click on any Lesson or Topic heading to expand/open them.
  7. Please play the Introduction to Mindfulness video below;




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Lesson One – Stepping Out of Automatic Pilot

Mindfulness course

WELCOME TO LESSON ONE OF YOUR MINDFULNESS PROGRAMME We will start by turning off what we call “auto-pilot” by turning on mindful thinking.

Lesson Two – Reconnecting With Body

Mindfulness course

The next part of our program is about reconnecting with your body. Most of us tend to live in our heads, taking our bodies for granted. Our bodies sometimes ask for attention.

Lesson Three – Reconnecting With The Breath

The next lesson is about reconnecting with your breath. There are many ways to become more mindful of your breathing.

Mindful Breathing

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” Amit Ray The next exercise is about reconnecting with your breath. There are many ways to become more mindful of your breathing. This means you that you take note of the rhythm of your inhalation and exhalation. You are not altering your breath, but instead watching the way your lungs fill with air. To be mindful of your breathing means to feel your breath going into your body and feeling the sensations associated with your breathing. When you first begin this exercise you may find it difficult to just breathe, your mind will want to take over. If this happens, just keep returning to your breathing over and over until you complete the exercise. Being aware of your breath is the key to mindful breathing. Choose any one aspect of breathing and focus on it, such as your chest rising and falling. When you first practice this exercise, stay with one aspect of your breathing only, until you have more experience at least. Allow seven minutes to do this exercise. Please play the Mindful Breathing Audio now.

Diary Questions: Please answer these questions in the ‘Take Notes’ Section.

  • What aspect of your breathing did you notice most?
  • Did you find your mind was wandering while trying to focus on your breathing?
  • What one thought was the most dominant?

Assignment: Spend five minutes per day focused on your breathing. Try to do this in the morning if possible.

Lesson Four – Working With Difficulties

Mindfulness course

Daily practice of Mindfulness reduces stress and increases your ability to function well even during times of stress.

Lesson Five – Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness course

Mindful living has two main components, the first is learning new ways to think more positively and manage stress more effectively. The second is meditation. In this lesson we will show you a very simple sitting meditation you can practice anytime.

Lesson Six – Mindfulness In Daily Life

Mindfulness course

The next lesson is about using mindfulness in daily life. Practicing mindfulness throughout the day will make you feel a greater sense of peacefulness and fulfillment.

Lesson Seven – Mindfulness in Daily Life – Part 2

Congratulations on coming this far, you are nearly at the end of your journey. There are a number of ways that you can include mindfulness in your daily life.

Lesson Eight – Going Forward

“Do every act of your life as though it were the last act of your life.” ~Marcus Aurelius Congratulations on reaching the end of your mindfulness course. We hope that your journey of self-discovery has enriched your life.

Body Scan Revisited

For the conclusion of your course, we would like you to redo the body scan exercise. This helps to cement the awareness of your body that is an essential component of Mindfulness. Please play the Body Scan Audio File below now. Allow thirty minutes for this exercise.

The Body Scan
The Body Scan
The Body ScanThe Body Scan

Moving Forward & Mindfulness Questions

You now have the tools to move forward and you can use them whenever you feel you need a little help. Please play the Moving Forward & Mindfulness Questions Audio File below now.

Moving Forward
Moving Forward

Saying Goodbye

Please play the Saying Goodbye Audio File now.

Saying Goodbye
Saying Goodbye