April 2016

Can mindfulness cure PTSD?

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New research has shown the mindfulness is an effective therapy for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The research was conducted with American soldiers who had experienced combat. They were enrolled in a 16 week programme, which included mindfulness. Their results were compared with soldiers who were undertaking a form [...]

Is knitting a form of mindfulness?

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Over the last few years, colouring books for adults have become incredibly popular. Not only do these help you rediscover the fun of colouring in, but concentrating on colours and shapes helps you clear your mind of chattering, persistent thoughts.

I was recently asked what I thought about knitting as [...]

5 easy ways to be more mindful

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Some times people are resistant to the idea of mindfulness because they think it is going to take time out of their already-busy day. But the beauty of mindfulness is that you can practice it in little spurts, and these spurts help spur you making you feel calmer and more in control.

March 2016

Can neuroscience tell how you’ll vote?

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An Irish election has just past, and an American election is looming, but have you ever considered how exactly you decide who to vote for?

Now, presumably you’ll say that you choose a candidate based on his or her platform, promises, political party affiliation and other such rational criteria. However that is [...]

The surprising secret to a long life

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You won’t be surprised to hear that unhealthy lifestyle choices, like smoking, excessive drinking and bad eating habits play a role in how long you’ll live. Nor would you be amazed to learn that chronic illness affects the number of years you’ll have. But here’s something that may well be new [...]

The neuroscience of conflict

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Imagine this scenario: You are driving to work and your car stalls at the red light. Behind you impatient drivers start honking. How do you feel?

Here’s another one: You’re giving a presentation at work, and Joe from accounts disputes your figures. You’ve gone over them carefully, but he’s adamant. Later you [...]

Exploring the neuroscience of mindfulness

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Are you a religious person? Perhaps you attend mass every week and pray daily. Maybe you prefer the term “spiritual” because you believe in a higher power, but you’re not an adherent of any particular religion. Then again, you could be someone who has lost their faith — or someone who never had [...]

Can you cure pain with mindfulness?

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Imagine yourself hunched over in pain, unable to move. If you have suffered from debilitating pain, as most of us have, chances are you were not imagining pain, but remembering it. Maybe you even winced a little at the thought.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain not only impacts the quality [...]

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