Mindfulness Course

"Focus, Slow Down, De-Stress"

mindfulness-yogaAre you suffering with stress?

Are you worried all the time and feel that your life is out of balance? If so, Mindfulness can help you. Mindfulness teaches us how to direct our attention to what is happening right here, right now, with an attitude of kindness towards ourselves.

This “being with” ourselves is in contrast with other states of mind where we might be preoccupied with memories, fantasies, worries or planning. By doing this we regulate the chemicals in our brain and bring balance back to our thinking and feelings. 

Mindfulness Courses Ireland - Mindfulness course online

Are you tuned in to your thoughts?

Although we are often unaware of the current state of our thinking, it has a profound effect on how we live our lives, as well on our mental and emotional health.

Being Mindful then gives us the opportunity to connect with ourselves in a deeper way.

Would you like to be more spiritual?

Mindfulness is primarily rooted in Eastern spiritual traditions, and in recent years it has been brought together with aspects of western psychology to form a new program. The course is usually delivered  over 8 weeks and promotes self-awareness, personal development and general well-being.

Do you know the background to Mindfulness?

The original 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR) was developed in 1979 at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre (UMass) by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. Since then the programme has been adapted by others in various psychological and medical settings to address the needs of different groups as well as being adapted for more general use in the community.

Mindfulness meditation and mindful living will give you meaning in your life.

Can attending a course cause even more stress?

This program, that you are about to buy, has been designed for the general user, who wants all the benefits of Mindfulness without having to attend a formal course. By doing the course online, you are alleviating most of the stress that trying to get to a venue each week actually causes.

Are you suffering with pain or emotional distress?

Extensive research has shown that MBSR is beneficial to patients with medical conditions (including chronic illness and pain, high blood pressure cancer, vascular and respiratory disorders and many others), psychological distress (including anxiety, panic, depression, fatigue, and sleep disturbances) as well as in preventative medicine and wellness programmes. Mindfulness has been adopted by hundreds of hospitals around the world due to its effectiveness in helping people cope with pain.

The mindfulness course we have designed especially for you is Simple, Easy to complete, and fun to do. It takes 4 weeks before you will see the positive benefits that Mindfulness can bring.

We have two formats for you to choose. One version is completed online, the other is a set of 3 CD's and 2 workbooks which we post out to you directly. We also provide you with a webinar each month to help you in your journey.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and let Mindfulness work for you.

So what will Mindfulness do, I hear you ask?
Great question.

Mindfulness improves wellbeing and relationships with others.

Mindfulness will change your life, for the better. Mindfulness will help you to slow down and find balance. Mindfulness will help you to sleep. Mindfulness re-balances your brain waves.

Mindfulness restores serotonin in your brain. Mindfulness gives you clarity. Mindfulness helps you regain your focus.

Mindfulness makes you more positive. Mindfulness gives you emotional strength and it increases your willpower.

Mindfulness even helps to break addictive behaviours.

"It's OK, I get it,  I'm convinced that Mindfulness is what I want."

Still not sure?

Read On..
Mindfulness will improve your healthMindfulness will improve your health and can increase your resolve. Mindfulness will help you to heal.

“I get it, it’s what I want.
How do I complete the course?"

I’m so glad you asked!
Our mindfulness course is completed online.
No waiting, No stress, No travel, No hassle.

Once you buy the program, you can start it..



“But I would like to see how the mindfulness course is done online,
can you show me?”

Just take a look at the Video below.



couple with ipad

Isn't that so Convenient?

You can take this course anywhere you like.

You can do it in work, at home or even in your car. You can even do the course together with your friends.

"But I'm not a big fan of doing things online.."

Well don't worry, that's why we have the program in CD version with your very own hard copies of the workbooks.


Mindfulness Webinar.

"But what if I get stuck?"

Well if you get stuck at any point on the program, our Mindfulness Coach will resolve any issues you have using our easy-to-use Mindfulness Webinar.



So what are you waiting for? 

Mindfulness Courses CD Program